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Thru the hybridization and selection work done over the past few decades by Charles Oliver, Dan Heims and others, the different species of Heuchera have gone thru a major improvement in both color and form. Some of the newer varieties currently being introduced are stunning and more are on the way. Eminence Meadows offers a wide selection of these beautiful native American perennial plants.

Commonly called Alumroot or Coral Bells, Heuchera are easily grown in a well drained, moist and organic soil that is slightly alkaline, in part shade (full sun in the northern parts of their growing areas, zones 4-8). Additional direct sunlight intensifies the color of both the foliage and flowers. Heuchera do not like soggy, acidic and hard clay soils, so good drainage is essential for good growth. Divide the clumps every 3 years or so when the centers become woody, replanting the divisions with the tops at or slightly below the soil level, being carefully not to over water until they become established. A Winter mulch is recommended for the coldest parts of their growing zones.

Heuchera make excellent container plants and as woodland plants they add dramatic color and form to any partially shaded garden.

Plants in containers are grown and shipped in 3 1/2" pots

Grouping of different container grown Heuchera.


A beautiful Heuchera whose best coloration occurs during the spring and fall.

Berry Smoothie

A big, bold new introduction from Terra Nova. The large round leaves have colors from purple rose to rose pink.18" wide, 18"high. CTN 

A beautiful European introduction with silver and rose leaves with dark veining. Has proven to be very hardy here in zone 4, the northern most zone for growing Heuchera.  $12
Found here at Eminence Meadows in a flat of H. 'French Quarter', Heuchera 'Copper Penny' is a bright addition to any garden. Small bright copper colored leaves grow on a compact plant that is hardy even here in Eminence. Its glowing color is very eye catching CTN $12
A stunning new Heuchera introduction from Terra Nova Nurseries that has highly contrasting leaf coloration with variable mottling and compact plant habit. Exceptional! This item is SOLD OUT, please check back.
New - From New Zealand, large green and silver leaves with purple veins, very vigorous and extremely attractive. One of the most durable Heuchera varieties available.
Very colorful with many changes during the season, emerging bright-green with red veins and gold edges, turning a unique pink before changing to silver with purple veins and red edges.
A large and vigorous multicolored Heuchera whose new leaves open peach-amber,change to amber,then to tan, and finally to yellow amber. $12
A beautiful and durable Heuchera with 7" slate black leaves with complex metallic purple overlays.
A lovely  compact growing Heuchera with multi-toned, orange-red leaves.  A multitude of re-blooming, rose-pink flowers adds to its delightfully visual artistic  appearance. Very Nice!   $12
Heucherella (cross between Heuchera and Tiarella)
This vigorous and robust growing Heucherella has huge 5-6" deeply lobbed,emerald green leaves with predominant deep red to wine veination, a light silver overlay, and scalloped green margins. White flowers.   $12

Read scientific information about Heuchera at Wikipedia

An Introduction To Heuchera by Hybridizer Charles Oliver

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