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Hosta Plants E - K

Ivory Queen

Hostas are excellent for use in companion planting in shade gardens. Beautiful perennial gardens can be created when they are mixed with other shade plants such as primrose, pulmonaria and tiarella. Many of these plants are listed on our Perennial page.

Hosta Description
Size     Price
A distinctive hosta that stands out from the rest with its dark green, corrugated leaf centers that are surrounded by a wide cream margin. Tall in appearance and very handsome!
M Variegated Bare Rooted $12
A very beautiful upright growing hosta with spear-shaped leaves of thick substance. The leaf centers are bright powdery blue with clear white margins. It is very popular.
M Variegated In Container $15
This most beautiful and rare Hosta has lovely foliage of thick substance in a very distinctive shade of golden yellow. Choice!
M Solid Color Bare Rooted $25
Heart shaped leaves, medium green with a gold margin.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $15
One of the best small variegated hostas with its thick leaves of pure white centers and contrasting black-green borders.
S Variegated In Container $15
Lightly cupped green leaves with a wide yellow to creamy white margin.
L Variegated In Container $15
Fortunei Cream Edge
Nice light green foliage with slight cream edge.
S Variegated Bare Rooted $12
Powdery blue hosta with heart shaped leaves.
M Solid Color Bare Rooted $12
A fast growing hosta with attractive two-tone green leaves with an even white edge and fragrant lavender flowers.
M Variegated In Container $15
A very distinctive large leafed sieboldiana variety from Holland that has 3-color leaf varigation with golden centers, dark-green margins and random pale-green streaks. The leaves are often twisted adding to its beauty.
L Variegated In Container $15
A very attractive specimen type hosta that forms a beautiful, large upright golden clump.
L Solid Color In Container $12
Golden Tiara
Heart-shaped, medium green leaves with a gold edge.
S Variegated Bare Rooted $5
A very attractive sport of Hosta tokudama 'Mrs. Carder' with almost round, glaucous, cupped blue-green leaves with a pure white striping in the middle.
M Variegated In Container $15
A reverved form of 'Great Expectations'. Blue green centers with a bright, creamy white margin. Thick substance and corrugated. L Variegated In Container $15
Rounded light green leaves with dark green margin, very popular.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $12
The subtle, beautiful colors and large leaves of this hybrid hosta make it an ideal plant for shade gardens as it is tolerant of dryness.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Hadspen Heron
Narrow, pointed deep blue leaves.
S Solid Color Bare Rooted $8
A Japanese cultivar with attractive lance shaped leaves, slightly wavy green edges and white centers sometimes speclked green.
M Variegated In Container $15
Harriette Ward
The brilliant gold foliage of this impressive hosta has excellent substance and in time will form a stunning large mound.
L Solid Color In Container $15
Heat Wave
Puckered gold leaves with wide irregular blue margins and heavy substance make this new Hosta introduction very attractive.
M Variegated In Container $15
Smooth leaves of heavy substance are gold with wide, light yellow, jetting margins. M Variegated In Container  $15
Hillbilly Blues
Deeply veined, powder blue leaves, rapid grower.
M Solid Color In Container $14
From Japan, this unusual collector's Hosta has thin pointed leaves stripped in green and yellow.
S Variegated In Container $18
This show-stopping, beautifully streaked sport of Hosta. 'Big Daddy' is one of the best streaked hostas available.
L Variegated In Container $22
A fast growing medium sized hosta that offers wedge shaped intensely blue foliage and near white flowers. M Solid Color In Container $15
Beautiful bright gold, heart-shaped leaves with deep green margins.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $14
This stunning new hosta is a sport of the popular 'Blue Ivory' with the reverse pattern variegation. Forms a majestic mound of cream to near-white thick leaves with broad, long lasting blue-green margins and a dash of green jetting between the two. M Variegated In Container $12
Jack of Diamonds
A small Hosta sieboldiana hybrid with blue-green leaves and a irregular yellow margin.
S Variegated In Container $15
Jewel of the Nile
Dark green foliage with a wide border of gold.
M Variegated In Container $12
A very lovely addition to any hosta garden, this classic has golden centered leaves that are surrounded by powder-blue edges.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Jungle Age Trail
A sport of 'Ice Age Trail' found here at Eminence Meadows. Very tropical looking this corrugated leafed Hosta is jungle green with chartreuse streaking in the center. Very unusual and eye catching! M Variegated Bare Rooted $35
Neat mound of gold leaves with nicely contrasting green margins.
S Variegated In Container $12
Long lance shaped leaves are butterscotch-yellow with irregular green margins, fast growing.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $12
Highly variable white margins surround the two-toned green centers of this lively hosta.
M Variegated In Container $16
Outstanding for vivid coloration and good growth, this is a very beautiful hosta that has a dark green center and wide gold margin.
M Variegated In Container $18
King Tut
Bright gold, flat heart shaped leaves with deeply impressed veins.
S Solid Color Bare Rooted $12
Mutation of hosta 'Striptease' that has pointed blue-green leaves with narrow, paler centers that turn gold, and thin white streaks separating the two colors.
M Variegated In Container $12

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