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Hosta Plants L - Q

Over the past three decades the number of hybrid Hostas has risen into the thousands. The resulting variation in leaf coloration, shape and size provides a plant suitable for just about every garden space.

The Lakeside Hostas listed on this page are very popular and are the results of the work of Hosta hybridizer Mary Chastain.

Hosta Description
Size     Price
A beautiful hosta hybrid with thick oval shaped leaves that have clean white centers margined in dark green.
S Variegated In Container $20
An exceptionally attractive hosta with narrow, wavy mid-green leaves and irregular white margins.
S Variegated In Container $18
Wavy, blue-green leaves with uneven white margins.
S Variegated Bare Rooted $15
An exceptional hosta hybrid from Mary Chastain with blue leaves margined in white.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $20
Very thick leaves are bright yellow in center, corrugated, with a deep green margin, vigorous.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $20
A stunning polyploidy sport of H.  'Sagae' with mid-green centered leaves with wide yellow margins.  3 year old hosta plants.
L Variegated In Container $18
Limey Lisa
With its compact habit and chartreuse-lime leaves, 'Limey Lisa' is a very attractive mini hosta for the rock garden.
mi Solid Color In Container $12
Love Pat
Tokudama hybrid with rounded, heavily texture leaves, quilted and cupped.
M Solid Color Bare Rooted $12
This lovely hosta is a golden form of H. 'June'.
M Solid Color Bare Rooted $15
Midas Touch
Intensely cupped and puckered leaves have a radiant gold center if given some sun.
M Solid Color In Container $12
Millie's Memoirs
Dark green leaves are edged with a gold margin, heavy substance, corrugated, puckered and slightly cupped.
M Variegated In Container $15
A very fast growing hosta plant with dark green centered leaves and contrasting white margins.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Mississippi Delta
Magnificent  and impressive, this stately Hosta has large blue-grey leaves displayed horizontally with deeply impressed veins and can reach 5 feet
L Solid Color In Container $15
This attractive hosta cultivar has intense blue leaves with creamy-white margins.
L Variegated In Container $15
Monstrously big blue-grey foliage, massive.
XL Solid Color Bare Rooted $20
  A very attractive clump forming hosta with intensely colored blue heart shaped leaves which come to a distinct point. M Solid Color In Container $15
My Clair
A beautiful variegated hosta that has very irregular yellow to creamy-white margins and dark green centers. A very eye-catching new introduction.
M Variegated In Container $15
Brillant gold colored, heart shaped leaves with thick substance make this Hosta a beacon in any spring garden.
M-L Solid Color In Container $15
Long deep green leaves with white streak down center.
M Variegated In Container $14
Large blue leaves with creamy yellow edges.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $12
Large blue leaves with white margins.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $12
Oliver Bailey Langdon
Beautiful rounded blue-green leaves are margined with gold.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $12
An outstanding reverse sport of H. 'Pathfinder' with thick, dark-green leaves with a green spotted wide white edge. Very nice!
M Variegated In Container $15
A striking addition to any hosta garden, this beauty has yellow centered leaves with irregular green margins that grow in tight formation.
M Variegated In Container $12
Beautiful two toned light green center with darker green margins, puckered.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $12
This very beautiful Hosta has oval shaped leaves with a wide cream center and dark green margins, large lavender flowers, a mutant of Hosta 'Halcyon'.
M Variegated In Container $12
Very distinctive, this thick leaved hosta plant has white centered leaves flecked green with dark green edges, and is very vigorous growing.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Dark green center with wide, clear white margin - best selling hosta.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $12
The yellow centered heart shape leaves have a blue margin, puckered.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $14
This hard to find hosta is both stately and beautiful with light green centers, dark veins and a white edge, impressive.
L Variegated In Container $12
Midgreen interiors surrounded by large ripples of creamy-white
M Variegated In Container $14
Brilliant white-gold center with narrow black-green border.
M Variegated In Container $12
Prairie Magic
Dark green center with medium gold margin.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Princess Anastasia
A very attractive Hosta with corrugated golden leaves with dark blue margins.
M Variegated In Container $15
Hard to find tokudama type with yellow centered leaves, green streaked edges, quite charming.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $18

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