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No other perennial comes close to the level of beauty, hardiness, diversity and ease of culture than that of the genus Hosta. They are very long lived and can surpass the lifespan of the person planting them.

Hosta thrive in a well drained soil that is rich in organic material. Well composted organic matter should be added to the planting soil and applied in the Spring as a annual topdressing to maximize growth. They like a moist but not soggy soil. They need to breathe so allowing the surface of the soil to dry between waterings is important. They grow best if given some direct sunlight, morning sun being the best. The further north they are grown, the more direct sun they can be given.

Hosta are best divided in early spring, but look best if undisturbed.  They improve in color, size and leaf structure the older they get. Clumps that are decades old are magnificent!

Hosta Description
Size     Price
This very attractive small hosta forms a low, compact mound of white margined, mid-green leaves.
S Variegated In Container $15
A fascinating hosta variety with thick, rubbery-blue leaves that have a gold flash down the center.
L Variegated In Container $18
Tick Tock
A lovely, fast growing hosta that has yellow centered leaves with dark green margins. Its fast growth rate and compact size makes it very usefull in any garden.
S-M Variegated In Container $15
A very popular hosta plant with rounded leaves that are colored chartreuse with a wide blue-green border.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $12
A truly stunning addition to any hosta garden with its puckered blue leaves that are edged in gold.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $14
Beautiful rich blue, dense, heart shaped.
M Solid Color In Container $12
Leaves of thick substance, chartreuse-gold surrounded by a very wide blue-green border.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $18
Dark green with white center, upright, slightly twisted and curved.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Dark green center with yellow edge, highly puckered.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $8
Heart shaped, rugose, incredible blue color.
M Solid Color In Container $20
A beautiful, fast growing hosta plant with long, pointed, shiny blue centered leaves with rippled gold margins.
M Variegated Bare Rooted $15
Beautiful, dark green margin surrounding a bright gold center.
S Variegated Bare Rooted $18
Yellow Splash Rim
Attractive, rippled yellow margins with two-toned green irregular centers.
L Variegated Bare Rooted $15

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